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Amanda Aylen Heins

Social Media Marketing, Events + Design


eikón (Noun): Eikon in Greek translates to “icon” in English and refers to a figure, or a representation of a divine person in painting, mosaic, or sculpture.  An icon is what is constructed and also what is utilized. It not only delights but serves a purpose.

Hi. My name is Amanda. Since age 5, I have always been known as a creative MASTERMIND! I'm kidding. I have grown up fully submerged in art classes of all kinds and won many writing and art competitions. From there, I progressed into event coordinating to help businesses grow their clientele. 

As I matured, the world of social media and creative content fascinated me as I grew with it by advertising my past personal training business. A business has more to offer online than a simple post containing a stock image. The social media platforms you use can agree. They have stickers, tools and options for a reason. TO USE THEM! By using the platform algorithms properly, you can build awareness of your business professionally. So I made it my mission to help other companies understand the world of social media. 

My passion is online interaction, building an online presence by utilizing every tool on a social platform, from proper photos and reels to analyzing insights and planning a social media strategy resulting in positive outcomes for your business. 

So, how can I help your business? Let's chat!



Where You Can Find My Work

The Train Station Pub

- Mid-Town Station Kitchen + Drink

- Sassy Shoes

- Iron Energy Gym

- Mama Slays

- Burke Hair Lounge 

- SJT Contracting 

- Canco Petroleum

- Somebody Apparel

2020 Pop Clink Fizz

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