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Digital Events! 5 Ways to Party with your Online Audience!

The world has definitely done a full 180. With the recent virus knocking down our party plans, it doesn’t mean we have to put all life on hold. A large chunk of us have an extremely powerful piece of technology in the palm of our hands. Phones. Specifically iPhones and Samsungs (outside the world of Apple, I am not a big whiz but you get the point). And phones are just the little guys. We have laptops, iPads, cameras and more! We all have many tools for connectivity so why don’t we use it? Maybe we just don’t know how or what to do! Here are 5 ways to party without even leaving your four walls.

1. Host a “Connect”.

This is very simple yet a great way to connect with your online audience. Grab a bottle of wine and either go onto a platform such as Instagram live, or host a Zoom call and invite your followers. Be open to questions and have some fun questions for them to engage in conversation. You can be professional and personable all at the same time.

2. Host a Workshop.

We see a lot of free online workouts at the moment, why not look at your business, and possibly find something to teach your audience! Own a cafe? Host a quick coffee tutorial. Own a flower shop? It is spring, why not show your audience how to green up their patios? Bartender? Show your audience how to perfect that martini! There’s always a little something we can teach people.

3. Collaborate with other Business Owners!

Do you know anyone who may want to do a Q+A with you? Perhaps you are a photographer and you want to question a model. Or you design jewelry and know someone who cuts gems. You can team up to do a workshop or a tutorial with that person!

4. Bundle + Teach!

Do you have a product that can be bundled, sold, delivered, and taught? It’s a great way to make some sales and teach people at the same time? Own a paint company? Why not bundle up a wine and paint night. Send your customers all they need to paint a specific picture, bundle and deliver up to the day you will be hosting the tutorial, then your participants have all they need to take the class virtually.

5. Send out a Mini Scavenger Hunt/ Bingo

This is fun and quite easy to do. Simply find a bingo template or create a mini scavenger hunt list and encourage people to participate. Offer an incentive to those who win or do a draw. Make sure to put your company on the top, make it fairly easy and fun, have it cater to your audience, and tag tag tag people!!!

These 5 ways to connect to your audience alongside many more (will discuss in the future) is a great way to keep your audience engaged, laughing, and making it through this distancing without feeling too apart!

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